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Silver Tree Services Ltd. offer a range of services including Tree Surgery, Landscaping, Gardening and Fencing, within the Gloucestershire area. There is no job too big or small for our experienced team.

Not quite sure what you’re looking for? Each of our works can cover many areas, so here’s a quick summary of some of the jobs that might be of interest.

Tree Surgery

Tree Surgery isn’t just about pruning and cutting down trees; it largely falls into two categories: residential and commercial. Within residential tree surgery, we offer everything from tree pruning – that is reduction and crown lifting, to sectional and full tree felling. After is tree is felled, stumps may be required to be completely removed however in some cases this isn’t always possible – this is where stump grinding comes in.

Commercial tree surgery generally involves all of the above but at scale. This could include areas from a few hundred acres, to many miles when it comes to larger estates! Other services may also be required here, including woodland maintenance – potentially thinning densely populated areas to allow for more established growth; to risk assessment surveys; and planning and preservation consultancy.

Please view our Tree Surgery page for further information.


Like most of our services, landscaping works also come in various capacities.

Hard Landscaping may be defined as the structural works needed to transform your outside space. This could include complete renovations, requiring levelling or building up of earth, or creating spaces that might otherwise not be possible – for example patio areas on sloped land.

Soft Landscaping on the otherhand is the finishing and decorative element that makes your outdoor space the asthetically pleasing area that you want to be in. Some ideas for consideration here are raised beds; pergolas and sleeper works; planting; laying of patios, pathways and decking; turfing and grass seeding. A completed job would leave you with a finished garden or area of land, ready for you to enjoy.

Please view our Landscaping page for further information.


This area can be similar to soft landscaping, in that our teams are able to address any planting requirements.

We also offer more maintenance services that include grass cutting, chemical spraying or weed control, general plant and shrub pruning, hedge trimming and edging.

Please view our Gardening page for further information.


Finally Fencing comes in all different shapes and sizes and what you want will depend on the purpose the fence serves and of course, your own personal preference. Fences built to provide a general barrier are very different to those built to maintain a level of privacy. We are able to advise on suitable fence builds and have listed the most common types on our Fencing page.

Please view our Fencing page for further information.

Questions & Quotations

If you have any questions about our services or would like to arrange a FREE no-obligation quotation, please contact us today.

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