Logs & Wood Chip

Chipper in action

Logs & Wood Chip

Being the business that we are, we always have plenty of wood in stock, from kindling and larger cuts for the fire, or wood chip that you might want to use for planting areas, playgrounds or keeping animals on.


Stock up on logs for the fire in preparation for the colder months!

Logs are typically last years stock, which are kept in our yard for drying out. They are exposed to the elements but providing you let them dry out again before adding them to your fire, these will burn brilliantly!

All logs are cut 10-12 inches and quartered.

We deliver within the Gloucestershire area and we’ll get back to you with a delivery slot within 24 hours of your purchase.


Seasoned Outside: £70 per cubic meter (minimum order of two sack delivery – 2 cubic meters).

Wood Chippings

Contact us today to enquire about wood chip, generally we are happy to deliver larger loads free of charge to local areas.

Delivery Details

If you have any questions about our services or would like to arrange a FREE no-obligation quotation, please contact us today.

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